Luxury Home Interior Design in Las Vegas

This luxurious penthouse designed by American interior designer, Mark, located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The designer initially had the primary intention to use the best materials on every surface to create the appearance of the building, which can invite friendly, colorful, and luxurious design for the penthouse units in modern Veer tower on the development of downtown Las Vegas.

The main feature of this penthouse including 13 wide mosaic glass on the floor to ceiling wall in navy blue color scheme with embedded images and limited by the glass veneer tile.

In the middle of the mosaic center hangs a lamp wrapped in a blue glass cube.

A “Blue Louise” on the granite, floating in the first kitchen that act as an elevation of smooth bar and then dropped to a lower elevation where it served as the unit of the main dining room.

Blue color palette of light gray and green are accented by 120 meters of a linear RGB LED lights embedded in around the ceiling along the entire penthouse. The master bedroom shows off the bed as high as 13 that shaped complete Italian porcelain tile with its chandelier.

On the bed hangs a curtain chain as a custom that featuring this Banksy signature that separates the bedroom from the main bathroom. The main living area is crowned with one of a kind mirror ceiling made of triangular-shaped mirrors, each separated by a ceiling beam to reflect the effect of units and fluorescent lighting that shines through the window from outside Las Vegas.

This space is also equipped with a custom carpet by HZL HenzeL on metallic white wooden floor.

It’s really a very luxurious interior design and stunning, maybe this can inspire you.


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